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Location: Indoors, empty room

What: When you place a chair in a empty room, that room will become a sitting area. The chair is the impact on the room. But when you sit in the chair all contacts, textures with the room are lost. To magnify that aspect I abridge the contrast between the room and the chair. I came up with the Impact.

The carpet is used in a structural way and even blend in with the rest of the room. The carpet can be replaced by towels at the beach, picnic blankets  at central park even white linen or satin for in Japan.

How: Impact is a chair made of a stackable, flexible and powder coated wire frame.

Janwillem Van Maele

0032 485 90 42 56 Janwillemvanmaele@gmail.com


Location: Indoor, outdoor, on a mountaintop

What: Float is a concrete plane resting on massive oak beams. It is supplied as a flat package and comes in two colors: white and grey.  There are no connectors and can stand on any rough surfaces. The extended beams are structural and can serve for clothes, backpack hanger.

How: Concrete, oak beams


Een eetkamerstoel die met de tijd en individu meegaat. U koopt hem op een ecologische wijze, schuift hem in elkaar zonder toegevoegde verbindingsmiddelen. Jarenlang genot die een perfecte ergonomie meegeeft en de afdruk nalaat van de persoon die het geclaimd heeft.